second, automotive interior decoration materials, such as plastic , fiber textile, leather,

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The prefabricated directly buried insulation pipe at high temperature is mainly composed of four parts. (1) working steel pipe: according to the technical requirements of conveying medium, sewn steel pipe, seamless steel pipe and double-sided submerged arc spiral welded steel pipe are adopted respectively. (2) Insulation layer: rigid polyurethane foam is used. (3) Protective shell: high density poly (1-ene) or fiberglass fiber reinforced plastic is used. (4) leakage alarm line: when manufacturing a high temperature prefabricated directly buried insulation pipe, an alarm line is buried in the insulation layer near the steel pipe. Once the pipeline seeps somewhere, it is transmitted through the alarm line, it can alarm on the special detection instrument and show the exact location and degree of leakage, so as to inform the maintenance personnel to deal with the leaking pipe section quickly and ensure the safe operation of the heating network.

2019-07-15 plastic sheathed steel directly buried pipe manufacturer polyethylene polyurethane thermal insulation pipe is used for central heating, cooling and hot oil transportation and distribution of thermal insulation pipe and polyethylene outer protection pipe, both of which are closely integrated with polyurethane foam insulation material. The diameter range of the pipe is Φ 90 ~ Φ 1240. The full name of the insulation pipe is high density polyethylene polyurethane rigid foam foam insulation pipe. Its function is to protect the temperature of the fluid inside the working pipe, prevent heat transfer with the outside world, and lead to the temperature of the fluid. [details]

There are many sources of formaldehyde pollution in the car, which can be divided into three major categories: first, various accessories in the new car, such as seat materials, thermal insulation materials, collision-proof fillers, dashboards, etc.; second, automotive interior decoration materials, such as plastic, fiber textile, leather, rubber, etc.; third, thinners, glue, paints and coatings used in production.

– Beans, rice, or plastic pellets (about 2-3 kilograms)

second, automotive interior decoration materials, such as plastic , fiber textile, leather,

As the main load-bearing structure in the dashboard system, there is no doubt that it needs good strength and rigidity. Under the background of lightweight in the automobile industry, the requirement for the dashboard beam is getting higher and higher. In recent years, there are more and more new technical routes in the development of dashboard beams. At present, the dashboard beams are widely used in the automotive industry according to their materials. The differences in structure and process are mainly divided into the following categories: steel stamping welding type? Steel pipe beam type? Aluminum alloy stamping? Plastic steel pipe beam mixed mold and magnesium alloy die casting mold?

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