be paid when loading and unloading steel sleeve steel insulation pipe:

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Because of its unique structure, steel sleeve steel directly buried thermal insulation pipe is widely used to transport high temperature steam in the pipeline laying industry. It is very suitable for anti-corrosion construction in winter. 3, backfill work is also very important, the temperature is low in winter, the soil has become frozen soil, and the external anti-corrosion layer of steel jacket steel directly buried insulation pipe is generally developed and produced by the process of three cloth and five oils, which is easy to be bumped by permafrost blocks. therefore, when burying steel jacket steel directly buried insulation pipe, we should first backfill a layer of sand in the surrounding area of the pipeline.

In the area where the groundwater level is high, in order to ensure that the groundwater does not affect the normal operation of the directly buried steam pipeline, the outer protective layer uses a solid and airtight steel pipe shell. The so-called upper drainage is a drainage device in which the condensed water in the pipe is inserted into the drain pipe in the working steel pipe, and the condensed water in the collecting tank is discharged from the top of the pipe by using the back pressure in the pipe. The manufacturing precision of steel sleeve steel insulated steel pipe is high. In the second stage, FRP is used as the outer protective layer, and the temperature capacity is much stronger than that of polyethylene. Due to the use of entanglement type, compared with polyethylene pipe as protective layer, eccentricity can be overcome and the quality is guaranteed. However, due to the lack of understanding of the manufacturing process mechanism of FRP, a simple and crude method was adopted. at the same time, the standard of FRP outer coating of steel jacket steel steam insulation steel pipe was not promulgated at that time.

The anticorrosion of outer protection pipe of sleeve steel insulation steel pipe generally adopts many methods, such as two-cloth and three-oil, three-layer PE, FRP surround, polyurea spraying and epoxy powder spraying and so on. At present, polyurethane foam, a recognized festive energy insulation material, is replacing the traditional thermal insulation material and is widely used in all aspects of the national economy. 8. Drag reduction layer: ensure that the working steel pipe expands and shrinks in heat. Thermal insulation materials should also be changed accordingly, and high resilience soft thermal insulation materials should be selected. ?? Steel sleeve steel prefabricated directly buried steam insulation pipe is widely used in liquid and gas transportation pipe network, chemical pipeline insulation engineering, petroleum, chemical industry, centralized supply, air conditioning and ventilation ducts, municipal engineering and so on. The design of steamed steel insulated steel pipe with steel sleeve is designed by the design institute according to the specific application of a specific place.

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be paid when loading and unloading steel sleeve steel insulation pipe:

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0 standard. Steel jacket steel insulation steel pipe is a kind of composite steel pipe, so it must be very important when storing or loading and unloading, so as not to damage the outer layer of the steel pipe. The stacking site of steel jacketed steel insulation pipe should be: the ground should be flat and free of hard sundries such as gravel; the ground should have sufficient bearing capacity to ensure that collapse and dumping accidents will not occur after stacking; the stacking site should dig trenches for drainage, and no stagnant water is allowed in the site; the stacking height should not be greater than 2m away from the heat source, and there are fire protection measures; the two ends of the steam insulation pipe should be protected and blocked, and a canopy should be used when storing in the open air. Attention should be paid when loading and unloading steel sleeve steel insulation pipe: hook the earring or tie the outer casing with a sling whose width is greater than 50mm. It is strictly forbidden to load and unload with wire rope directly on the external anti-corrosion layer, thus damaging the anti-corrosion layer. It should be lifted lightly to prevent bumping, and procrastination on the ground is strictly prohibited. Fax: 0317-7886267.

Accurate location of thermal engineering insulation pipe news: Yangchun March, steel sleeve steel insulation pipe insulation structure is divided into: internal sliding type and external sliding type 1, internal sliding type: thermal insulation structure is composed of working steel pipe, aluminum silicate, drag reduction layer, microporous calcium silicate, thermal insulation layer, stainless steel fastening steel strip, aluminum foil reflective layer, polyurethane insulation layer.

be paid when loading and unloading steel sleeve steel insulation pipe:

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The removable valve insulation sleeve is composed of contact layer, heat insulation and cooling treatment layer, air-tight and weather-resistant layer, etc., the selected material is durable at high temperature and has the characteristics of environmental protection, and the insulation sleeve is lightweight, which can prevent deformation due to vibration during the operation of the equipment. The removable valve insulation sleeve can be tailored according to the pipe and equipment for quick installation and disassembly. In the design, we will also take into account the narrow space, the thickness of the structure needs to be thinner, but the selection of different materials can also achieve the ideal thermal insulation effect.

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